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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Conflict question: How do you think Bin Laden's death will affect the war on terrorism?

I believe that there are many who want to take his place. Hopefully, the in-fighting will weaken Al Qaeda, but we will have to see.

The culture of terrorism is difficult for the Western world to understand and I believe this has been the downfall of countries now fighting it. Until the world powers understand that they have to go beyond taking defensive measures against terrorism, we will continue to have to walk through metal detectors, be sniffed by bomb detecting dogs and be living in a dangerous world.

The covert operation that killed Bin Laden is more the type of operation that terrorists can understand. It was secretive as they are and used the utmost force and determination as they do. Hopefully, this show of an in kind tactic will send a strong message to terrorists the world over that the United States will no longer just defend itself from their abuse, but will use powerful offensive tactics to undermine them and destroy this scourge on humanity.

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  1. I totally agree with your post. I am tired of our leaders being so concerned about offending the terrorist. I view it the same way as a rancher taking out the wolves and mountain lions that kill his sheep and calves. When was the last time you tried reasoning with wild animals. They are what they are. I also think that using huge military forces to "nation build" is a waste of our resources. We need to increase our intelligence resources and use pinpoint strikes like we did with bin laden to root out the extreme radicals. A dead radical is a good radical. This view is not born out of meanness or a desire for revenge. It is just a natural right to defend ourselves. Would anyone not kill an intruder that is determined to kill them in their homes to prevent themselves from being killed?