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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Parent/Teen Mediation

Teens often struggle to make life choices and establish their separate identities as they mature. As parents we know this can create immeasurable angst and strain family ties. Parent/teen mediation can bring parents and teens together in an environment that encourages and supports communication and balances power which is often the barrier to parent/teen communication. Mediation allows people to communicate, negotiate and craft agreements that are mutually acceptable. Some of the common sources of dispute between parents and teens according to North Star Youth Court and Youth Mediation in Fairbanks, AK, are: 

  • Communication: fighting, talking back, sharing
  • School: grades, attendance, truancy, behavior
  • Crisis: assault, pregnancy, death
  • Home rules: curfew, chores, time with family
  • Parent & Step-parent relationships
  • Friends & dating: time spent, choices, activities
  • Drugs & alcohol: use, covering up, treatment
  • Identity issues: respect, gender orientation, sexual orientation
  • Minor criminal behavior
  • Music, movies, games
  • Appearance
  • Transportation
  • Employment
  • Sibling relationships
  • Life choices, goals
Please share your story of parent/teen conflict and strategies you use to come to agreement.

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